Crowdspeaking For Book Promotion

Crowdspeaking Basics to Help Promote Your Book

Crowdspeaking For Book Promotion

What is crowdspeaking?

Crowdspeaking is a marketing platform that allows people to rally together and share information about a cause, events, projects, products, or in our case, books, on social media. With crowdspeaking, users sign up to spread a specific message on chosen social media outlets, at a specific time.

What are the most known crowdspeaking platforms?




How do you set up a campaign on one of the platforms?

Each website has its own special characteristics, but there are commonalities among them. You will decide how many supporters you will start with (most sites have a minimum amount you must meet). Additionally, you will set a deadline for the campaign. If you meet the number of supporters by the deadline, all the messages will go out to each supporters chosen social media outlets. The three platforms above are FREE, so there is no cost. Each site has easy-t0-follow instructions.

Tips for Making Your Best Campaign

Image: Your image must be simple and easy to read. This is the image that will be shared across supporters social media outlets. So, choose a good picture! If you need to create a picture, use Picmonkey or Canva.

Title: Choose a catchy title so that it grabs interest right away! 

Hashtag: Include hashtags in your message. Hashtags give readers on social media the ability to view your message, even if they do not follow/like you. You also could benefit from having a hashtag that is entirely book related. Wouldn’t it be cool to have your hashtag go viral?

Deadline: Plan the deadline time very carefully! Look at your Facebook/Twitter insights. When do you get most of your views? This is the best time to post, so the deadline should match.

I’ve set up my campaign, now what?

Now it’s time to share your campaign link so your supporters can sign up to help. Email your friends and family. Share your campaign on your social media. Join a crowdspeaking Facebook group like Thunderclap & Headtalker Support Group (this is not Christian specific. There are so many out there; it just takes a little searching.) or join Christian Writers Promo group and ask for support! We’d love to do it for you! 

On your deadline day and post time, check out social media to see your message go live to thousands of people! 


Do you have experience with Crowdspeaking? Have any additional advice? Please share below!