10+ Guest Post Writing Opportunities for Christian Writers

Guest Post for Christian Writers
Writing on other blogs is a great opportunity! You not only share your wisdom, but it’s a great way to network with other writers. Yes, bloggers are writers too! Networking with others, gaining visibility, linking your website or blog, and finding new followers are benefits to guest posting. All writing opportunities below do NOT have a monetary compensation. See this as gaining a readership and joining forces with other writers like you. 

All blogs mentioned below have personally been shared with me by the owner/creator/contributor. 

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Writing, Book Related

These fellow Christian book bloggers are signed up to help Christian Writers Promo. They welcome your guest posting anytime!

For Single Christians: One is a Whole Number: Looking for single Christians who are 30+ years of age to write guest posts on anything having to do with “Christian singleness” for the blog.

The Grace Scripts:

“The Grace Scripts is an online women’s ministry that focuses on delving into Gospel-Centered, theological truths, is passionate about teaching Bible literacy and shares women’s stories from around the world. We believe that Scripture is the inherent Word of God. We believe that Jesus came to earth, was born to the virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, died, was buried and rose again the third day. We believe that He will come back again and we eagerly await that day! 

We believe that you are part of a much, much bigger story and we are so excited to join with you as we continue to dig deeper into Scripture to learn ultimately who God is and then, because we know who God is, we can learn who we are. 

We always welcome article submissions whether that’s delving into a passage of Scripture or sharing a piece of your story! You can also share your photography by emailing it to us at thegracescripts@gmail.com or through hash tagging #thegracescripts on social media!

We would love to connect with you on Instagram + Twitter (@thegracescripts), via email @ thegracescripts@gmail.com. Our website will be launching in mid-July so stay tuned for that!!!

Grace + Peace, Caroline, Founder of The Grace Scripts”


Precious Womb: Mainly interested in Devotional, Christian Living.

Stacy Monson: Author & Speaker: a Christian author and speaker willing to host other Christian authors.


Family, Marriage, Finances Related

Family Life Blog: 

Topics include family, faith, food, homemaking, family finances and blogging. Check Family Life Blog’s guidelines for more specific details.


Topics of interest:

Family finance topics including budget and savings tips, debt payoff, retirement, and household expenses.

Household posts including DIY projects for families and children, organization ideas, and décor.

Family-oriented relationship topics including parenting, marriage, extended family, and friendship.

Messy, Tired, Love: 

Looking for guest posts on adoption and miscarriages/loss of a child. Posts are written in mostly devotional style, so she would like to find posts that are similar in nature. The posts don’t have to be original/exclusive, so if you’ve already published to your own blog that’s fine. If interested, please check out www.messytiredlove.com to see if you’d be a good fit. Then email me at kristina@messytiredlove.com with your post submissions.

Waiting for Your Boaz

Waiting for Your Boaz is specifically looking for blogs about marriage, waiting on God, courtship, faith, devotionals, prayers, and motherhood but will consider all submissions. WfYB has a huge amount of followers, so there will be a lot of visibility. Takes about 2-4 weeks to hear back if your submission is accepted.

Bible Study, Testimony

Candidly Christian: 

“We ask that each post includes a personal struggle and some type of encouragement. You can share 3 keys to living on purpose, as long as you open with a struggle you have had, or how God has grown you in this area. This is huge, I reject, or request rewrites, on posts that are not personal / relational in nature, or that are more preachy than encouraging.”

Real World Bible Study: 

“Topics should be related to Bible study (or other spiritual disciplines) and living out your faith in the real world.  Let’s be about what we are for, not what we are against.  Try to write with both the believer and the not-yet-believer in mind, and have an attitude of coming alongside our brothers and sisters.”

Eternity Cafe: Bringing an eternal perspective to earthly matters. Guest posts are welcome on susanpanzica.com, as long as the content is relevant to my readers. Topics include: encouragement to women by bringing an eternal perspective to everyday life events and/or observations or highlighting issues of social justice, especially human trafficking awareness.

Testify Grace:  Mostly looking for testimonies.

Wholeheartedly Messy:  On this page, they are accepting testimonies (your story), poetry, and devotionals. There is also an advice page open for submissions. 

No blog post of mine can go live without my research, so I am also listing other blog posts with Christian writing opportunities. These posts have not been personally planned with me and I am in no way affiliated with the blogs below. 

20 Christian Websites Accepting Writing From Women from Beyond Your Blog

43 Faith-Based Publications that Pay Freelance Writers by The Write Life blog

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Overall, the best way to find guest post openings is to network with other writers. Ask to visit their blog and let them visit yours. Connections are the cornerstone to opportunities.

Blogger in the Pocket

Are you a Christian blogger willing to host guest bloggers? Please comment below or shoot me an message on the contact page above. 

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