25 Tips for Author Newsletter Content

You’ve found a newsletter source…now what?

Here is a list of what you could include:

  1. Title your newsletter is a fun & unique way. What title would make you open up the email? 


  3. Don’t forget a newsletter sneak peak at new covers! A cover reveal is always fun!

  4. Have you recently released a published article? Read an interesting article? Share!

  5. Include a fun section for readers, such as a Q&A.

  6. Readers always enjoy a newsletter-only giveaway!

  7. Include pictures to make it more personal, for example a picture of you at a book signing, a conference or holding your book.

  8. You could work with another author on a newsletter swap. Include information about the other author’s book and he/she does the same in his/her newsletter. This is a great cross promotional tool!

  9. Use high-impact visuals and do not forget to include links to your books as many times as possible. Link your pictures, add a link button, link at the bottom. Make it easy for the reader to find your books.

  10. Interview other authors in your genre, and hopefully the author can interview you in his/her newsletter. (See my cross-promo enthusiasm?)

  11. Reader’s reviews can be shared.

  12. Did you go on a recent trip? Share your vacation, a funny story, an enlightening experience or a trip recommendation.

  13. Write fun facts about yourself.

  14. Recipes are always a great diversion, especially if it’s related to a scene in your book.

  15. Free content is a strategic way to gain readers. “Sign up for my newsletter and you get a free short story!”

  16. Share writing milestones. For example, you’ve written your tenth book, you’ve signed with an agent, or you’re taking part of a book bundle.

  17. You could also include life milestones, such as having a baby, a marriage, a child’s graduation.

  18. Did you have to delete a favorite scene during the editing process? How about sharing it in your newsletter?

  19. Ask your readers questions. Need a character’s pet name? Ask what they’re reading. Ask anything!

  20. Include photos of how you visualize your book characters.

  21. Do you blog? Include links to your blog posts.

  22. Do you have a book trailer? Include it!

  23. Discuss social themes from your book.

  24. Talk about your life as a writer.

  25. Don’t forget your social media links!

25 Author Newsletter Content Tips

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