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It’s Amazon Prime Day! I love to watch the deals as the day goes by. Please see below for current or upcoming deals. All deals are related to writing in some way. Be it organizing your ideas, being comfortable at your desk or reading books yourself! I will update throughout the day (& 1/2 day tomorrow). Happy shopping! 

Regularly $100.00 Great for making book trailers.
$55.65 (regular 74.99)
Guest Post for Christian Writers

10+ Guest Post Writing Opportunities for Christian Writers

Guest Post for Christian Writers
Writing on other blogs is a great opportunity! You not only share your wisdom, but it’s a great way to network with other writers. Yes, bloggers are writers too! Networking with others, gaining visibility, linking your website or blog, and finding new followers are benefits to guest posting. All writing opportunities below do NOT have a monetary compensation. See this as gaining a readership and joining forces with other writers like you. 

All blogs mentioned below have personally been shared with me by the owner/creator/contributor. 

For more on benefits of guest blogging, read these articles:

The Top 11 Benefits of Guest Blogging

25 Reasons Why Guest Blogging Will Benefit You

3 Ways Guest Posting Can Immediately Grow Your Audience

Writing, Book Related

These fellow Christian book bloggers are signed up to help Christian Writers Promo. They welcome your guest posting anytime!

For Single Christians: One is a Whole Number: Looking for single Christians who are 30+ years of age to write guest posts on anything having to do with “Christian singleness” for the blog.

The Grace Scripts:

“The Grace Scripts is an online women’s ministry that focuses on delving into Gospel-Centered, theological truths, is passionate about teaching Bible literacy and shares women’s stories from around the world. We believe that Scripture is the inherent Word of God. We believe that Jesus came to earth, was born to the virgin Mary, lived a perfect life, died, was buried and rose again the third day. We believe that He will come back again and we eagerly await that day! 

We believe that you are part of a much, much bigger story and we are so excited to join with you as we continue to dig deeper into Scripture to learn ultimately who God is and then, because we know who God is, we can learn who we are. 

We always welcome article submissions whether that’s delving into a passage of Scripture or sharing a piece of your story! You can also share your photography by emailing it to us at or through hash tagging #thegracescripts on social media!

We would love to connect with you on Instagram + Twitter (@thegracescripts), via email @ Our website will be launching in mid-July so stay tuned for that!!!

Grace + Peace, Caroline, Founder of The Grace Scripts”


Precious Womb: Mainly interested in Devotional, Christian Living.

Stacy Monson: Author & Speaker: a Christian author and speaker willing to host other Christian authors.


Family, Marriage, Finances Related

Family Life Blog: 

Topics include family, faith, food, homemaking, family finances and blogging. Check Family Life Blog’s guidelines for more specific details. 

Topics of interest:

Family finance topics including budget and savings tips, debt payoff, retirement, and household expenses.

Household posts including DIY projects for families and children, organization ideas, and décor.

Family-oriented relationship topics including parenting, marriage, extended family, and friendship.

Messy, Tired, Love: 

Looking for guest posts on adoption and miscarriages/loss of a child. Posts are written in mostly devotional style, so she would like to find posts that are similar in nature. The posts don’t have to be original/exclusive, so if you’ve already published to your own blog that’s fine. If interested, please check out to see if you’d be a good fit. Then email me at with your post submissions.

Waiting for Your Boaz

Waiting for Your Boaz is specifically looking for blogs about marriage, waiting on God, courtship, faith, devotionals, prayers, and motherhood but will consider all submissions. WfYB has a huge amount of followers, so there will be a lot of visibility. Takes about 2-4 weeks to hear back if your submission is accepted.

Bible Study, Testimony

Candidly Christian: 

“We ask that each post includes a personal struggle and some type of encouragement. You can share 3 keys to living on purpose, as long as you open with a struggle you have had, or how God has grown you in this area. This is huge, I reject, or request rewrites, on posts that are not personal / relational in nature, or that are more preachy than encouraging.”

Real World Bible Study: 

“Topics should be related to Bible study (or other spiritual disciplines) and living out your faith in the real world.  Let’s be about what we are for, not what we are against.  Try to write with both the believer and the not-yet-believer in mind, and have an attitude of coming alongside our brothers and sisters.”

Eternity Cafe: Bringing an eternal perspective to earthly matters. Guest posts are welcome on, as long as the content is relevant to my readers. Topics include: encouragement to women by bringing an eternal perspective to everyday life events and/or observations or highlighting issues of social justice, especially human trafficking awareness.

Testify Grace:  Mostly looking for testimonies.

Wholeheartedly Messy:  On this page, they are accepting testimonies (your story), poetry, and devotionals. There is also an advice page open for submissions. 

No blog post of mine can go live without my research, so I am also listing other blog posts with Christian writing opportunities. These posts have not been personally planned with me and I am in no way affiliated with the blogs below. 

20 Christian Websites Accepting Writing From Women from Beyond Your Blog

43 Faith-Based Publications that Pay Freelance Writers by The Write Life blog

50+ Christian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts by Radical Christian Woman

Overall, the best way to find guest post openings is to network with other writers. Ask to visit their blog and let them visit yours. Connections are the cornerstone to opportunities.

Blogger in the Pocket

Are you a Christian blogger willing to host guest bloggers? Please comment below or shoot me an message on the contact page above. 

Upcoming Christian Writers Conferencesw

Upcoming Christian Writers Conferences

Summer is usually conference season. As I’ve heard and seen different conferences, I knew it was time to research different Christian writers’ conference opportunities. There is a wide spectrum of writing conferences out there. Keep in mind the list below is entirely directed for CHRISTIAN authors. Also, you will basically find conferences in every state, but it is impossible for me to list all of them. I’ve listed the conferences I thought were well-known, with a variety of workshops & opportunities, and geared towards both published & unpublished authors. Basically the conferences I would love to attend myself. 

I am aware there are more conferences out there. If you feel like there’s an important conference not mentioned, please list it in the comments for others to see! 

Hope you find this helpful!

Upcoming Christian Writers Conferencesw

2018 Conferences

July 14, 2018: Roaring Lambs Christian Writers Conference.

The Hope Center, Plano, Texas

13 Dynamic speakers & topics. 

$79 Members, $99 Nonmembers


Image result for greater philly christian writers conference

July 26-28, 2018: Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference

“3 Thursday afternoon early bird learning labs, 5 keynotes, 7 continuing sessions, 35 workshops, panels, and one-on-one appointments and paid critiques. And, of course, you can expect powerful times of worship and rich fellowship with other writers and our faculty.”

$230 (2days), $135 (1day)

July 27-28, 2018: She Speaks Conference

Concord, NC

“She Speaks is an annual conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries that trains women to write, speak and lead. This two-day conference (along with the optional pre-conference day) from July 26-28, 2018, encourages and equips women as they learn specific, fresh techniques to enhance their ability to communicate God’s Word through writing, speaking or leadership skills. “

Main conference $725



August 20 – 23, 2018: Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference, “Opening Doors” Portland, Oregon

“Start planning now for this rich time of fellowship, learning, and worship—a time to study the craft, meet editors and agents, get feedback, receive next-step advice from mentors, and refresh your writing goals. “

$550 members, $595 nonmembers

Image result for ACFW conference

September 20 – 23, 2018: American Christian Fiction Writers Conference

Nashville, Tennessee; “Each year, hundreds of veteran authors and those just learning the craft of Christian fiction gather in a setting like this to hear skilled instructors, inspiring keynoters”

$585 (Members), $685 (Nonmembers). There are also daily rates. 

October 12-13, 2018: Breathe Christian Writers Conference (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

For writers by writers who care about words and relationships. Includes 36 workshops at all levels of writing career.

$175 (Both days), $95 (1 day).

2019 Conferences


February 14-16, 2019: West Coast Christian Writers Conference

Livermore, California

“West Coast Christian Writers (WCCW), aims to equip and encourage writers of all levels in the craft and business of writing for publication through an annual conference offering quality instruction, industry updates, community, and personal inspiration.”

Tickets on sale Nov. 26, 2018.

February 22 – 24, 2019: Asheville Christian Writers Conference (Asheville, NC)

“We are called together to focus our hearts on the task Christ assigned us . . . to strengthen our ties with one another and hone our craft  of writing so we might effectively spread the Word of God through fiction and non-fiction books, screenplays, scripts, articles and blogs.” At the Billy Graham Training Center.

Starting rate is $305 (off campus.) Scholarships available.

Blue Lake CWR Logo

March 27 – 30, 2019: Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat Blue Lake Camp, Andalusia, AL

“At Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat, you’ll experience the benefits of a large writers’ conference, but on a more personal level. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced writer, interested in fiction or nonfiction, our faculty of seasoned professionals can teach you how to improve your writing skills, market your work, and get published.”

Varying prices for commuters to campers. $80-$485

Image result for colorado christian writers conference

May 15-18, 2019: Colorado Christian Writers Conference

Inspiring keynotes, writing & marketing workshops, appointments & critiques, and forming friendships.

Based on 2018 costs – $395 (3 days), $320 (2 days), $180 (1 day). Scholarships available.

May 19 – 23, 2019: Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Conference

“This event allows participants the ideal opportunity to interact with editors, agents, professional writers and readers, offering outstanding workshops and continuing classes in a wide array of creative categories.  Whether you are a professional writer expanding your skills and networking contacts, or a brand new writer just beginning to chase your dream, this Christian Writers Conference is the ideal opportunity to take your creative goals to a higher level.” $350 per person

25 Tips for Author Newsletter Content

You’ve found a newsletter source…now what?

Here is a list of what you could include:

  1. Title your newsletter is a fun & unique way. What title would make you open up the email? 


  3. Don’t forget a newsletter sneak peak at new covers! A cover reveal is always fun!

  4. Have you recently released a published article? Read an interesting article? Share!

  5. Include a fun section for readers, such as a Q&A.

  6. Readers always enjoy a newsletter-only giveaway!

  7. Include pictures to make it more personal, for example a picture of you at a book signing, a conference or holding your book.

  8. You could work with another author on a newsletter swap. Include information about the other author’s book and he/she does the same in his/her newsletter. This is a great cross promotional tool!

  9. Use high-impact visuals and do not forget to include links to your books as many times as possible. Link your pictures, add a link button, link at the bottom. Make it easy for the reader to find your books.

  10. Interview other authors in your genre, and hopefully the author can interview you in his/her newsletter. (See my cross-promo enthusiasm?)

  11. Reader’s reviews can be shared.

  12. Did you go on a recent trip? Share your vacation, a funny story, an enlightening experience or a trip recommendation.

  13. Write fun facts about yourself.

  14. Recipes are always a great diversion, especially if it’s related to a scene in your book.

  15. Free content is a strategic way to gain readers. “Sign up for my newsletter and you get a free short story!”

  16. Share writing milestones. For example, you’ve written your tenth book, you’ve signed with an agent, or you’re taking part of a book bundle.

  17. You could also include life milestones, such as having a baby, a marriage, a child’s graduation.

  18. Did you have to delete a favorite scene during the editing process? How about sharing it in your newsletter?

  19. Ask your readers questions. Need a character’s pet name? Ask what they’re reading. Ask anything!

  20. Include photos of how you visualize your book characters.

  21. Do you blog? Include links to your blog posts.

  22. Do you have a book trailer? Include it!

  23. Discuss social themes from your book.

  24. Talk about your life as a writer.

  25. Don’t forget your social media links!

25 Author Newsletter Content Tips

I’ve searched out books about author newsletters and I cannot wait to read Newsletter Ninja. The book contains my affiliation link.


Connect with Readers: Part I – Author Newsletter

When an author writes a book, it usually is done with a target in mind. Your readers. But ask yourself this … do you really know your readers? What do you know about them? 

With the amount of books out there, it is an author’s job to connect with readers in any way possible. With this in mind, Christian Writers Promo will be writing blog posts on different ways to connect with readers.

Today’s feature is AUTHOR NEWSLETTERS. 


What’s so special about an author newsletter? First and foremost, if a reader is signed up to your newsletter, you know they are interested in you as an author. They are already bought in. This is your primary target market! 

Secondly, a newsletter allows you to make a personal connection with your readers, in essence, becoming “friends.” Friends can be reached. Friends buy your books. 

Additionally, the newsletter is yours. Yours to create. Yours to manage. You can include anything you want and send it anytime you want. You are in control.

Even better, once you’ve sent your author newsletter, it is in your reader’s possession, sitting in their inbox. Gone are the social media posts being covered by other social media posts, long forgotten. This time the email sits there until the reader takes action.  

Another great tool is that you can get feedback from your readers. Ask for reviews, see if the readers like a book cover, find a beta reader, or ask a general question for the book you are writing. This engages your readers and makes them feel like family. You are gaining readership and won’t lose their interest. 

So where do you start? Below you will find a few email newsletter sources that are easy to use, free and even kind-of fun! 

Create marketing campaigns, mailing lists, newsletters, and other advertising options.

Free up to 2,000 followers

Easy-to-use templates

Integrates with social media

Easy-to-understand reports

App integrations ability


Create marketing campaigns, mailing lists, newsletters, and other advertising options.

Free up to 1,000 followers

Easy-to-use drag and drop features

Easy-t0-read reports

App integrations ability

User-friendly/more open rates

Free trial for 60 days

Customizable templates

Easy-to-load email lists

Real time tracking reports

App integration ability


6,000 emails a month free

Pay as you grow

Unlimited contacts

Advanced email editor

Advanced statistics 

Full API access

Now before you go check these sources out, here are a few tips:
  1. Don’t stress out! Take it easy and learn as you go.
  2. Only send to readers who signed up themselves. In other words, don’t sign up someone without their consent.
  3. The purpose of the newsletter is CONNECTIon, so don’t just advertise your book. Post stories from your blog, tell stories about your writing adventures, show pictures of events you’ve attended. A good rule of thumb is to advertise every third newsletter.
  4. Send at least monthly so that you’re in the readers mind. On that note, don’t send too often, as it can be seen as spam and you’ll get unsubscribers quickly.
The ultimate goal of author newsletter is to gain dedicated readership and to sell books!  Take your time in the learning process and remember it takes time to grow. You can do it! 
Did I miss a free newsletter option? Please let us know below in the comment section. 

Stay tuned! Next week I will give ideas about what to put in your newsletter! 

Christian Publishers

20 Christian Publishers to Submit Unsolicited Manuscripts

Christian Publishers

You've written a manuscript, now what do you do?

It’s time to research Christian publishers. You’re in luck! I’ve done some of the work for you. Below you will find a list of publishers based off my own personal internet research. There are very few who I have direct contact with via work experience or personal reading. You’ll have to do intensive research on your own once you see a publisher that is a good fit for you and your manuscript. 

On a side note, I do not condone vanity publishers or publishers that require authors to pay for services. This list includes traditional, digital and small publishers who take unsolicited manuscripts. The bigger publishers only take solicited manuscripts through an agent. As with any publisher, please review manuscript submission policies carefully as they are different for every publisher. 

Abingdon Press – This impressive publisher produces books on ministry and individual faith development. They also accept curriculum and music submissions. Abingdon is the main publishing imprint for United Methodist Publishing House. 

Anaiah Press – Small press that offers editing, quality covers, and marketing for romance, young adult, children’s literature, speculative fiction and cozy mysteries. Anaiah Press has been in business since 2014. 

Baal Hamon Publisher – Baal Hamon is an imprint of Joy and Truth Christian Ministry. They publish fiction and nonfiction, and books are published worldwide.

Crossway Publishing Crossway is most interested in nonfiction, including key issues, Christian life, Christian worldview, academic and professional manuscripts. They do not accept prophecy, sermons, biographies, personal-experience, poetry, art or fiction. Crossway accepts book proposals only (not written yet). 

Cross Link Publishing – A small Christian publisher with an online form to submit manuscripts. Does not accept children’s books, poetry or autobiographies. rossLink does not publish children’s books, poetry, or autobiographies.

Dove Publishers  – A small Christian publisher who publishes fiction and nonfiction. They do not accept poetry, biographies, memoirs, or autobiographies, directories, Bibles, or horror. Dove Publishers also offers another imprint, Inscript Books, where authors pay to be published. 

Electio Publishing – Small press which accepts fiction and nonfiction, including literary fiction, adventure, horror, historical fiction, romance, mystery, fantasy and all types of nonfiction. They do not accept poetry at this time. 

Enclave Publishing – This publisher focuses on fantasy and science fiction for young adults and adults. They do accept unsolicited manuscripts. In 2016 publisher was sold to Gilead Publishing, a larger publisher of Christian ficiton (agented submissions).

Forget Me Not Romances – This small publisher focuses on clean romances. They are currently looking for small-town romances. They also have paid services. 

Harbourlight Books – Harbourlight is an imprint of Pelican Books. Harbourlight accepts only fiction, including action, mystery, suspense, family saga, western, and women’s fiction. Submissions are through an easy online form.

Kirkdale Press – “Kirkdale Press, the trade imprint of Lexham Press, focuses on publishing titles in Christian living, leadership and professional development, memoir, and faith-informed fiction.” 

Mantle Rock Publishing – A small publisher who has been around since 2012. They accept online submissions of Clean and Christian Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Cozy Mysteries, and Clean Fantasy/Speculative.

New Hope Publishers “New Hope publishes 12 to 15 titles per year. We are primarily looking for Christian living titles on spiritual growth, personal growth, leadership, and Bible studies. All nonfiction titles must have a strong reader takeaway. We are not looking for memoirs, devotionals, poetry, or scripts.”

New Leaf Publishing – Currently seeking nonfiction (Apologetics, homeschool curriculum, Christian living, church life, educational books, gift books, church leader resources, etc.) No fiction.

Orbis Books – In business since 1970. Offers a wide range of books on prayer, spirituality, Catholic life, theology, mission and current affairs. Publishes biographies, autobiographies, history, and religion.

P & R Books – Presbyterian & Reformed Christian Publishers. “P&R Publishing is dedicated to publishing excellent books that promote biblical understanding and godly living as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.” No art, fiction, memoirs, poetry, prophecy, bibles, or romance. 

Paraclete Press – Primarily a Catholic press. Does not accept poetry, picture books, current events, sermons, cookbooks, popular psychology, or bible commentaries. They also accept sheet music.

Tristan Publishing Group – All works published will point to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They have a variety of genres including fiction and nonfiction. This is a very small press.

Write Integrity Press – They specialize in clean and wholesome entertainment. Accepts fiction, nonfiction and children’s literature. 

As a side, please note Christian Manuscript Submission Service. This is one service that several bigger Christian publishers use to acquire unsolicited manuscripts (non-agented.) Bigger publishers who use this are Baker Books, Revell and Bethany House. There is a $98 for submission.

Did I forget any publisher you’ve worked with that you think should be added? Please leave a comment below.
book marketing social media

15 Websites to Promote Your Christian Book for Free

If you’re like most new authors on a budget, you may want to look into websites that offer free promotion. There are many sites that offer promotion for a price. However, we cannot always afford them. (Though if you have as little as $5, there are various websites who can help.) With that in mind, I’ve done the research for you on several websites that promote for free. Listed below there are several sites that promote only Christian reads. Although there are several mainstream websites listed, I made sure they have a page dedicated to Christian works, or have a clean book policy. Hope this helps!