15 Websites to Promote Your Christian Book for Free

If you’re like most new authors on a budget, you may want to look into websites that offer free promotion. There are many sites that offer promotion for a price. However, we cannot always afford them. (Though if you have as little as $5, there are various websites who can help.) With that in mind, I’ve done the research for you on several websites that promote for free. Listed below there are several sites that promote only Christian reads. Although there are several mainstream websites listed, I made sure they have a  page dedicated to Christian works, or have a clean book policy. Hope this helps!

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Faithful Reads: Offers free promotion for FREE books. You must submit at least three days before your free day and your book must be free for 48 hours.

EReaderGirl: This is a free option for free books only, but there are also paid options for sale-priced books. 

Awesomegang: Has a form to list book for free.  

Ebooks Habit: A free option is available, but you are not guaranteed a spot. There are paid options that will secure a spot. Your book must be under $2.99.

The Reader Cafe: offers spots for free & bargain books. You are not guaranteed a spot, but can pay to secure a space. You must submit at least 3 days before your freebie date.

Discount Book Man: An easy online form to complete for free listing.

My Book Place: Simple & easy website with a form to complete for your book. There is also a $25 option to feature your book for 7 days. 

Reading Deals: A clean and clutter free website that offers a newsletter with book deals. You can submit your book for free (but it’s not guaranteed) or pay a $29 guaranteed spot.

Book of the Day: Choose your post date and free!

EBook Lister: free for books under $2.99.

Read Freely: Offers several types of submissions including book of the month, newsletter and website promotion. There are paid options as well. 

Free Ebooks: Easy as 1-2-3 & you send your book info. The free books are listed by category and Christian is one.

Book Angel: A British site, but it promotes free – 99c books. 

Book Circle: Guaranteed spot on Kindle Discounted books page. Asks for you to like their Facebook page.

EBookasaurus: Free listing and a premium listing is available. 

Did I forget any place that you know about? Please let us know in the comments! 

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